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6 Travel Hoops in One

The Journey Hoop was designed to adapt to your hooping needs.  Sharing with a beginner or beginning yourself, you can make it 40”, 42” or 44”.  Getting it? Rock out with 34” or 38”.  Want to go small? No problem, make it 32” or 34”.  The Journey Hoop is ready to join you way beyond just the begining of your hoop journey.

Our TrinityStarr Sectional Travel Hoops break down into 3, 4, or 5 very travelable pieces.  They’re constructed from high quality, durable HDPE tubing. They can fit into your luggage, yoga mat bag, or the front seat of your car.  Also, add a Practice Section to make your hoop 2 inches bigger.  Perfect for practicing those challenging moves.


Welcome Soul Flow Arts Attendees!  We are so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of your new Hoop Journey!  The 2 boxes below are links to your special 10% discounts on either the TrinityStarr Travel Hoop or the Journey Travel Hoop.  Make sure, when making a purchase, that the page you’re on has the Soul Flow Arts logo near the top to ensure you’re getting the correct pricing.  For questions regarding size decisions, check out our Hoop Guide. Happy Hooping and have an epic time in Hawaii!!

Hoop Guide